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A confidential Locale, both Chic & Vintage-styled, the Romantic Mansion of the Auberge des Adrets

A Seventeenth-century charming Mansion, solely dedicated to Weddings. Armed with a twenty-six year know-how, your very own wedding will be like no other,… we will fulfill your every wishes and dreams all through a Day of emotions and a night of partying. Closely tucked between Saint-Tropez, Fayence, Cannes and Monaco, a stone throw from the Baux de Provence and the Luberon, our Majestic Provence-styled Mansion, both enchanting and timeless, is adorned with ancient patina walls reminiscent of all the children’s laughs it has witnessed. A gorgeous tree-adorned park, the scents of Provence, olive trees, jasmine, fruit trees, rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, so many more different fragrances, so that each will stay engrained within all the memories of Your wedding in our Mansion.

A Wedding Mansion, both Vintage-styled and Magical, where decoration was minutely thought out, a classy and fairy setting filled with contrasts where both optic-fiber and lavender coexist, woodwork and crystal chandeliers mesh, Bengal lights and lemon trees harmonize. The sunset reflecting on the mirrors bathing the neighboring gentle hills of the Esterel in the Var, countless candles spread throughout, the arbor wrapped in the Virginia creeper’s crackling green and the velvety blue-colored swimming pool. The passing summer Gypsies during the cocktail, the vast panoramic terrace for you to enjoy dinner under a star-filled sky, away from the summer aches,… the night bar, its colored cocktails all the way to the sunrise, time stands up in the air for this very special evening, the turntables bathing you in your favorite tunes.


The gentle Shade of the centennial Plane trees, the English turf, the black lava-stone Fountain-wall, the white stones, the white muslin, the toadflax, and the lounge areas’ grey rattan,… all Summer long, the fireplace and the sun’s rays,… the long white-linen sofa gently protected by the Angels, the spotless hallways, the vintage Elegance and Romanticism of the ten bedrooms and their four-poster beds,…

Kitchen-wise, local ingredients are being shopped by the Chef along his visits to the local Provence open-air markets, a savory cookery filled with southern colors, creative mixes, roasted strawberries and basil, shrimps cooked in lemongrass, the roasted Provence lamb, emulsified green lemon along the wild sea-bass, infused green tea and star anise, using our own rosemary for the range veal, enjoying live workshops during the cocktail where arborio rice, truffles, ceps, fried zucchini flowers are being served around on delicate tableware while guests laugh, talk and treats happen.


A vintage-styled and classy Mansion, elegant and romantic which, for a whole evening and maybe even so for a whole week-end is Yours, all modeled after Your Wedding wishes, a shared passion, a Provence lifestyle to enjoy, a mutual trust, Your passport to a unique magical wedding evening.

Your wedding in our typical Provence Mansion

A 31-year passion amongst our newly weds.

A complete step-by-step road book will be provided, so that preps are as delightful to you as your actual wedding
One and only speaker, Cosima the owner of the place, always on board to cater to your every need from Day One until D-Day, according to your recommandations. 
A preferred suppliers’ list will be handed out. They have been chosen for their professionalism. Indeed, they are not mandatory.




A 5.000 Sqm garden dedicated to your Ceremony, your Photo shoot, the Cocktail and the Photo booth.

Mansion Side

A 1.400 Sqm Mansion, entirely decorated in an elegant, vintage, chic and romantic manner where both intimate and large spaces coexist.

250 Sqm panoramic terraces made of white Burgundy stones. In case it rained, you would instantly be protected by a motorized white roof and transparent sides so that the panorama stay intact. The terraces can indeed be heated on demand.



10 elegant and romantic bedrooms.



Our in-house crew will gladly compose your cocktail and cook your dinner in our very own kitchen. Your wedding’s crew will indeed take care of all the setting, a Manager along a professional crew, head waiters, bartender, security officer, valet parkers.

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